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Attendance Policies

Regular attendance is a critical component for success in school. When students are absent from school, it is critical that proper arrangements are made for the absence and that responsibility is taken for appropriate reentry into school. Absences in the following categories will be handled as indicated:

Excused Absences

Absences are excused in the case of illness, funerals of close relatives. These absences may be excused if the following procedures are followed.


  1. Parents of students seeking permission to miss school for any reason are asked to contact the school office in advance. Requests for permission to miss school must come from the parents, not the student. In emergencies, a phone request will be considered.

  2. The school office will give the student an excused absence form that must be initialed by each teacher in order to facilitate communication about assignments for each class to be missed. The office may require that some of the work to be missed be completed before final permission is granted.

  3. All work missed must be made up at the teacher’s directive. The student must take the initiative in completing missed work. The usual rule is the student has two days for each day missed to make up work.

Prearranged Absences

Students and their parents should make every effort to give a reasonable notice to the school office if they will be absent from school for reasons other than sickness. These absences fall under the following categories:

  1. Family vacations that cannot be scheduled during normal breaks.

  2. Church or government commitments.

  3. Serious personal or family issues.


Student will be given permission to miss school for doctor and dentist appointments provided a note form his/her parents is brought to the office before school on the day of the appointment. If necessary, the school will issue a pass for early dismissal from a class. Students need to sign out at the school office prior to leaving.

Unexcused Absences

GEA reserves the right not to grant permission to miss school, particularly when the student is not going to be accompanied by a parent or if a student is struggling academically. Absences for hunting, shopping, haircut appointments, “sleeping in,”or when proper arrangements have not been made in advance are unexcused.

Any student who is absent for more than ten days or partial days in any one semester maybe denied credit for the classes missed.



All students are expected to be on time to each class. Any student not in the appropriate classroom with the proper books and materials at the ringing of the bell is considered tardy.

Students arriving late for the following reasons, with parent contact, will not be counted tardy:

  1. Doctor or dental appointments that could not be scheduled otherwise.

  2. Carpool transportation being late.


Students who know they will be late to school for some unavoidable reason should have their parents call the school to give the reason. A student who is more than one period late will be counted absent for the morning.

Students who are late for any period must report to the office and obtain a Tardy Pass. This will be recorded. However, if the tardy was caused by a conference with another teacher, that teacher will send a note or see that the student is admitted directly to class.

Student Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is honoring to themselves, their parents/guardians, and the school. This expectation applies to the time that students are in school and at school activities as well as the time they are away from school. Expectations for conduct in particular areas are as stated in each category below:


General Student Conduct

  1. Students are to show courtesy and respect for other students, teachers, staff and visitors. Teachers’ and students’ desks, lockers and personal belongings are to be respected as private property.

  2. Individual students will be assessed for damage they cause to any part of the school property, including books, textbooks, desks, walls, etc. The student(s) responsible will be assessed the amount of damage, when the damage occurs, and the parent(s) will be notified.

  3. High standards, of moral and social conduct are expected of all students, Cheating, stealing, lying, other forms of dishonesty, profanity, dirty jokes, pornography, fighting, and use of inappropriate reading materials shall be considered serious offenses.

  4. GEA considers the school life of students and faculty a vital part of education. Conduct during school times to be reverent. Students are expected to and participate in all classes. They are to listen attentively to speakers and refrain from distracting behavior.

  5. There is to be no running, shoving or horseplay in the common areas, halls, classroom and restrooms.

  6. Physical expressions of affection are considered inappropriate behavior on the school grounds and at school functions.


Conduct in the Classroom

  1. The teacher is given the responsibility of using preventive and corrective measures to ensure a high level of discipline within their classroom. Students are to conform to the rules and structure of the class.

  2. Additional rules set forth by teachers to govern the activities of their classes in the building, on the playground, and on field trips are fully supported by the administration and carry the same importance as rules listed in this handbook.


Conduct Regarding Technology

  1. Internet use only when teacher is present and permits it.

  2. No eating or drinking near the computers.

  3. Volume on the computers must be kept off, unless teacher has permitted otherwise.

  4. No music unless a teacher is present and permits it.

  5. No games.

  6. Report any problems to the office.

  7. Students should not change, add or delete computer systems/setups.


Student Discipline

GEA strictly follows the the curriculum as authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The primary task of GEA is to provide quality education and leadership skills. This is impossible in an undisciplined environment. Indeed, the ability to develop self-discipline is part of a student’s education. The school and home must work together in helping the students learn how to effectively discipline themselves.


Parents have the responsibility for the overall discipline of their children. This

responsibility does not end when the student leaves for school. While the school

assumes discipline responsibilities during school hours, it expects full and complete

cooperation from each parent. For proper functioning, the school must reserve the

right of final discretion in school disciplinary matters. Recognizing parental

responsibility, the school will consult parents for their counsel and participation.


The goal of our discipline policy is a responsible self-disciplined student who respects

authority of parents, faculty and administration, the rights of his/her fellow students,

and the property of the school.


The teacher is given the authority and responsibility for using preventive and

corrective measures to maintain a high level of discipline within their classrooms.

Continued or unusual negative behavior or attitudes will be reported by the teacher to

the principal. The student will be called in for counsel and correction. Further

problems with the same student will be promptly dealt with by the principal.


Parents will be notified of the student’s attitudes or behavior as the situation or

circumstances may warrant. They may be called in for a conference to participate

with the school in counsel or remedial action. The school must maintain the final

authority to determine any action taken.


If discipline and counsel do not correct improper conduct or attitudes, the school may

choose to employ one of the following disciplinary actions.


General and Miscellaneous Information                          


Cell phones/pagers – The use of cell phones, tablets, and music players is not allowed at school.

Insurance - Parents/guardians are expected to provide health/accident insurance coverage as needed. Parents of players in interscholastic athletics should make sure their insurance policies cover such activities.

Knives and other weapons – Knives, including pocketknives, guns, toy guns, water pistols or any weapons or toy representation of a weapon are not permitted and will be confiscated and discipline measures taken.

Lost and Found - Items that are lost or found can be turned in or looked for at the school office.


Campus Hours

The school is located in North York, Ontario. The school address is:

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Phone: +1(647) 352-0887


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The school office is open from 9:00a – 6:30p Monday-Friday.



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